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INFP, the Healer


As a variant of Plato’s Idealists and Aristotle’s Ethicists, the INFPs are little different from other NFs in most respects. Like all the Idealists they are abstract in. communicating and cooperative in implementing goals. They want to learn about the humanities, are preoccupied with morale, and work well with personnel. In orientation they are altruistic, credulous, mystical, situated on pathways, and with their eye on tomorrow. They base their self-image on being seen as empathic, benevolent, and authentic. Often enthusiastic, they trust intuition, yearn for romance, seek identity, prize recognition, and aspire to the wisdom of the sage. Intellectually, they are prone to practice diplomacy far more than strategy, logistics, and especially tactics. Further, with their probing or exploring nature they lean more toward the Advocate’s informative role than the scheduling Mentor’s directive role. And because of their seclusiveness and reserve they seem to care more to be a Healer of conflicts than a people’s Champion.

- David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II


"1755 Doll" from the Gratitude Train

A. Reichert 


This design by the furriers Blondell is credited as being a “Manon Lescaut” style. “Manon Lescaut”, published by Antoine Françoise Prévost in 1731 typifies the lyrical emotion of rococo literature and inspired several stage productions including a ballets and operas by Massenet and Puccini. 



oh my god FUCK all this negativity on tumblr

you’re trans? that’s wonderful. you’re cis? cool. hetero? alright with me. homo? that’s good for you. bisexual? fuck yeah. pan/ace? i love you. questioning? that’s okay, man. 

you’re all wonderful and don’t let anyone tell you you’re less.
Don’t take anybody’s shit for being who you are.